Macznet offers specialist consultancy services in Business Management, Cybersecurity, ICT Infrastructure and Training.
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Macznet offers comprehensive Business Management and ICT consultancy for organisations of all sizes. By taking the time to understand your Business and the ICT infrastructure that supports it, Macznet can help you form a business strategy that will deliver on your business objectives; and build an ICT infrastructure that is secure and meets international best practice.

We offer consultancy services in Business Management and Development, ICT Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Training.



Our confidence, expertise, reputation, track records and credibility is our pride and that is what your organisation is investing in. By working with Macznet, you are also signing up for the excellent values that underpins the way our services are delivered to our customers.

Business Management and Development

Macznet provides cutting-edge Business and Management consultancy at multiple levels to suit your specific organisational requirements. Our Consultants operate across wide varieties of service areas such as; Strategy, Marketing, Human resources, Risk analysis and management, Financial and management controls, Supply-chain management, Advertising, Reputation Management, Sustainability.The nature of the day-to......more


At Macznet we provide industry-leading ICT infrastructure consultancy for a wide variety of clients across various industries. ICT is business-critical for most organisations, and the more you use it, the more you come to rely on it to support your business goals. This reliance places an obligation on organisations to plan, design, build and deploy ICT infrastructure that supports their business goals, delivers efficiency and meets international... ...more

Cyber Security

As an on-going business, you want to be sure that your network infrastructure, systems and processes work together to ensure that you achieve your business objectives. You want to know that your IT programme implementation provides adequate level of security that protects your information assets.

The driver for cyber security improvement may be legal, regulatory, internal governance or increasing demands from customers to keep confidential data secure. Whatever the driver is for your organisation, Macznet has specialist skills and expertise to help you achieve assurance in your......more


The Macznet Training Team provide standard or bespoke training for a wide range of courses at our facility or at customer sites. Our trainers have extensive industry experience and effective communication skills that enable them to impart competencies to our trainees. Our trainers are experts drawn from a range of industries and/or academics in some of the best universities in the world.

Our trainers are able to provide a flexible, creative and innovative approach to training which meets the needs of your organisation and ensure value for money. Our courses will suit beginners as well as advanced users in your organisation....more

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