Macznet offers specialist consultancy services in Business Management, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity and Training.


We are a “Responsible Business”

We believe that a Responsible Business ought to account for their financial performance as well as the impact of their activities on the natural environment and society. As a Responsible Business, Macznet adopts an extended stakeholder approach in our corporate culture, values and ethics which drive everything we do. In all instances and at all times, we endeavour to take into account the needs of our diverse stakeholders. This is reflected in how we run our business and how we treat our internal stakeholders (employees) as well as external stakeholders (clients, ecological environments, suppliers, etc.). We aim to generate profit while consistently working towards improving our social and environmental impacts.

Our Environmental Impact Management

We have devised measures to monitor and evaluate our carbon footprint. For instance, we can offer consultancy from base, reducing the need for extensive travel, and ultimately CO2 emissions from own as well as clients’ activities. Where we do travel, we pay (through the airline) to offset the CO2 created by our flight to help us reduce our carbon footprint. While carbon management is key in mitigating the effects of environmental problems such as climate change, we have extended our overall environmental management strategy to include paper, waste and water. In addition, our consultancy services often includes free advice to clients on how they too, like us, can be environmentally friendly.

Our Social Impact Management

Macznet values the diversity of people that have a stake in our business activities. We are aware of our responsibilities to these stakeholders. Consistent with our Responsible Business values and ethics we are always devising measures that enhance the creation of positive impact on the lives of our stakeholders. These measures include:

  • Accountability:
    Transparency and openness underpin our operations and activities with stakeholders. This is evidenced in the implementation of a Code of Conduct to direct the activities of our staff. Furthermore, our Code of Conduct guides our behaviour and provides guarantee to all our stakeholders that we are a Responsible Business.
  • Employee and Clients’ Engagement:
    We endeavour to ensure continuous engagement with our staff and clients. Accordingly, employees are represented in our Corporate Governance mechanism at various levels while clients are encouraged to engage with us at all stages of our relationships with them.
  • Social Responsiveness and Third Sector Engagement:
    We recognize the role of the third sector for sustainability and the creation of positive social impact. We engage with select charities and non-profit organisations in delivering project that create positive social impact. Our approach is two-fold;
    • providing funds from the profit that we generate as a business to support the work of charities;

    • to provide for free our expert and specialist knowledge and skills to charities and NGOs. Currently our Third Sector Engagement strategy is on partnering with third sector organisations involved in projects related to poverty alleviation, women empowerment, and provision of education for children in rural African communities.

Macznet will continue to uphold its core Responsible Business values and ethics, and correspondingly, design measures that create positive economic, environmental, and social impact.


Macznet Becomes Acuity’s Consulting Partner

Macznet has become the first Acuity STREAM Consulting Partner in Africa. The Acuity Consultant Partnership programme is aimed at finding Consulting partners in all major territories throughout the world and Macznet has met all the stringent requirements set by the Programme to qualify as Acuity STREAM Consulting partner. This means that Macznet can now offer consultancy and support for the STREAM Integrated Risk Manager solution in the Africa region.

Our consultants have also met the educational and experience requirements to become Certified STREAM consultants. This achievement consolidates our position as specialists and experts in Risk Assessment in all aspects of technology which enables our clients to operate confidently. … more