Macznet offers specialist consultancy services in Business Management, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity and Training.


Breaches and attacks on data and the IT infrastructure have assumed alarming dimensions in recent years. One of the best ways to defend against these attacks is to build enhanced capabilities that will enable your organisation to detect, investigate and respond to security incidents in order to mitigate their impacts on the business. This capability is usually provided in a Security Operations Centre (SOC) that provides enhanced visibility, alerting and investigation of events in your IT infrastructure.

Macznet’s consultants have extensive experience in building SOCs for organisations of all sizes. We work with our partners to provide industry-leading SIEM solutions that are scalable to the needs of organisations of all sizes.

We offer the following:-

  • Use Case Workshops to determine your SOC requirements
  • -Scalable SIEM solutions (All-in-One or Distributed)
  • -End-to-end Incident handling procedures and integration with change management systems

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